SOL #28 Hary Potter or Fantastic Beasts

I picked Fantastic Beasts Voters that voted right now.  

The reason I picked Fantastic Beasts was because I’m not a fan of Harry Potter. I like Fantastic Beasts because it’s like before Harry Potter, even though Harry Potter can out before Fantastic Beasts. I see you later.

5 Minutes Later: Ready to see the next answers. Drum roll please. “Pat-pat-pat-pat-pat” (the drum roll)  Harry Potter is winning by 8 more points and Fantastic Beasts still has only 1 point.

Comment down below which one you will pick. Then I will add it to the list then I’ll update.

SOL #26 What’s Your Unicorn Name

So I love unicorns so much and I wanted to do post about it so my question is What’s Your Unicorn Name?  

The First Letter In Your Name

A: Prancer B: Sparkle C: Lady D: Luna  E: Dazzle  

F: Ebony G: Sunshine H:Royal I:Princess J:Emerald

K:Glitter L:Rainbow M: Jewel N: Fairy O: Lovely

P: Jewel Q: Rose R:Midnight S: Filly T: Happy 

U: Lily V: Glitzy W: Diamond X: Happy Y: Pearl Z: Candy

The Month You Were Born

Jan: Moon Dancer  Feb: Cutie Pie

March: Flower Wings Apr: Shimmer Dream

May:Cupcake Bloom June:Peppermint Blossom

July: Rose Glimmer Aug: Sprinkle Dust

Sept: Jade Starlight Oct: Snowflake Beam

Nov: Sugar Beam Dec: Apple Hooves

My unicorn name is Filly Moon Dancer.

Comment down below what your unicorn name is.

This is where yours goes. 😁

SOL #25 Dentist Appointment

3/23/19: Today I have to go to the dentist so they could check my tooth and see what they are working with.

A Few Minutes Later: Were here at the dentist, my mom signs me in and then the assistant can to just take pictures of my tooth.

10 Minutes Later: The doctor is here and he asks me some questions about when it started hurting, when it started happening and then he asked me if I wanted to get the root canal done today and I said no then he said are you sure. The doctor said I’ll let you and your mom talk about it and what you want.

In Between: My mom said she wasn’t trying to rush me, but I felt rushed and then I came to the decision that I was going to get the root canal done, but I didn’t like it (crying about it).

5 Minutes Later: I said I want to get the root canal done today and the doctor said ok let’s get started.

1 30/60 Minutes Later: They were almost done with my tooth and in that time we were watching a movie on my phone called “ Max 2: White House Hero” (2017) – IMDb on prime video.

Fell asleep at this time then woke up at like 11:04…..

Their done with my tooth yay, but they have to take one more picture of the tooth to show what it looks like now.

At home I ate ice cream 🍧 then afterwards I finished watching Max 2: White House Hero then went to bed.

Comment down below if you had to go to the dentist but never liked it because of the experiences I had when I was younger.

SOL #22 Two Digits Now Everything Changes

Hi do you ever think about having two digits? I use to but now it changed. Now you are probably thinking what do you mean. What I mean is that when you get older life isn’t that easy it’s hard. There are challenges that you might not make but does that stop you?

Having 2 digits is so weird when I was at my neighbors house, (not the same neighbor from the other blog) my mom was with me and it was my birthday. So what I told them they didn’t expect it I said “ When you have 2 digits everything changes” and they said really.

I also think getting older is a good thing because you can’t stop time but you can make time last, like hanging out with family and friends.

No I’m gonna keep going and try my best.

Comment down below if you like having 2 digits or you don’t like having 2 digits.

SOL #21 What I Want To Be 📝

Hi has anyone asked you what you want to be when you grow up? A lot of people ask me what I want be and I say I want to be a preschool teacher or a kindergarten teacher. They ask why I say because you know you want the best for your kids.

1: I want to teach them the right things and don’t want them to get upset because they can’t do it and I want them to secede in learning and school so they get a good education.

2: School is supposed to be safe not scary in the eyes of the children and how they see it. I also think that when kids come to school it’s supposed to be their safe place because you don’t know what’s going on at home and what they see, they might think it’s fine but it isn’t. When I was younger some kids were scared and they didn’t like school because of the actions that were going around them.

Comment down below what you want to be when you grow up.

SOL #20 Taking My Dog To His FIRST Store (yesterday)

Tuesday 3/19/19: Every day my mom and me walk my dog (Chico) so he gets used to going outside, pooping and peeing so he won’t poop in our rooms.

2/?/19: My mom’s neighbor (mom’s friend) has a dog too named King,  and she told us about a store called Little Mutts.

Then 1 Second Later: I asked my mom if we can and my mom said ok.

Yesterday: My mom said let’s go take Chico to Little Mutts and you know what I said “Ok, lets get him dressed” then I jump up and down with happiness “eeeeeeeeeeeeeh”. I ate some cereal then continued.

After Chico Pees: He peed in FIVE different spots, he pooped and if he pooped we will turn around and go to LITTE MUTTS, (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I’m happy in the inside).

LITTLE MUTTS: Chico sniffed almost everything and then he started wagging his tail back and forth again and again until it was so fast that it looked like it was almost invisible. Then I give him one to see if he liked it and he almost wanted to eat it then I put it back, he did that 1 more time & I did the same thing as before take it away and put it back.

At Home: We got home then toke of his leash, sweater,  and his harness. My mom gave him a treat because he was good it the store and then we continued are day.

Comment down below if your dog ever so happy that he/she tangled you up with his/she’s leash. Thank you for reading my blog and have a good day.






SOL #19 Speech Day

2018: It’s April 4/9-14/18 and it’s the day i’ve been waiting for, i’m wearing the 2018 speech shirt over my other shirt. My mom and me walked to the front of the high school and we sit on a bench, then I see my    teacher Ms. Biggot (she is not big) the one who helped me with my speech and who shortened it for me because I only had 7 minutes to do it. When it was my turn I…. my mom started to cry and then I almost cried but I didn’t then my teacher standed right by me  and then she whispered to me “You can do it ok” then I nodded my head and started to read it.

7 Minutes Later: I did it, I did my speech, I can’t believe it.

1 week later: I get my medal 🥈 and my score. I’m so proud of my self.

Comment down below if you ever did a Speech Festival. If your wondering what speech I did it was the Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have A Dream” speech from August 28 1963.

SOL #18 Is It St. Patty’s Day Or St. Paddy’s

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…. oh wait it was yesterday and today we had to guess which one of these are right,  St. Patty’s Day or St. Paddy’s Day .

St. Paddy’s tallie is mine just saying. 

I know now…. it’s the end of the day and who is right….. i’m right because I have a friend and his name is Patrick, so I thought Patty is the meat of a hamburger and Paddy is not and that is how I got my answer.

So if you were to guess which one it was which one will you pick and why you picked it, tell me in the comments down below.



SOL #17 How To Weave Paper 📝

Do you ever get bored? I do and I love doing this because it’s fun. So first get two pieces of colored paper, then fold one of the papers like a hamburger, then the other piece of colored paper will be cut in to 1in. strips or less.

Finally you start weaving…. after a couple of minutes you will be done and get a beautiful piece of paper with two colors.

If you don’t want to do two colors you can do a rainbow trying to do colors that are beautiful like pastel colors, dark colors, all sorts of colors, different types of piece of paper.

Do you know there are tricks to trick your friends like just getting squares of paper and glue and get on the paper and just draw lines. I mean yeah that’s kind a creative but you’re not putting in the extra effort and time into it. So don’t trick your friends with paper that just has glued on squares.

This a step by step picture but I will explain it to you.

Comment down below if you ever weaved paper or you are going to try it.

SOL #14 Things I’m Grateful For

Hi… what was I saying…oh you know in October there’s Thanksgiving and you have to write down what your thankful for. So what I wrote was I’m thankful for clean water to drink , clean food to eat, a bed to sleep on, a roof over my head, a family that loves me, an education so I can learn, friends that care, and last but not least clothes to keep me warm.

Thoses are my 8 things i’m thankful for, commet down below what are your things you are thankful for and if some of these things are the same for you.